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BMW Art Cars- Robin Rhodes

BMW Art Cars- Robin Rhodes

Two weeks ago, we introduced two of BMW’s first Art Cars. Artists Frank Stella and Alexander Stella created unique body paint designs for their BMW CSL 3.0’s, which proved to be a hell of a car to beat in a European race. Let’s flash forward a few decades since then. In 2009, Robin Rhode of South Africa was tapped to design the Z4 roadster. But the commission hadn’t just chosen another painter. Rhode’s background instead is in performance art. And his design proved to be just as game-changing as the PR campaign that BMW used to promote it. From Rhode’s performance piece “He’s Got Game.” And rather than painting on the roadster, Rhode used the car as his brush. Using Gerhard Richter´s series of paintings ‘Red, Yellow, Blue’, and optic animations and German expressionist film as inspiration, from atop a 30’ tower overlooking a studio space in Los Angeles, Rhode remote-controlled two nozz ... read more


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