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Smoking from the Exhaust

The 2010 BMW X6 M is a fantastic SAV that came with over 550 HP. Although they can be reliable they do tend to have a few maintenance concerns that are, like most “M” cars, a little bit more expensive than others.

This X6 came in “smoking from the exhaust” and the “Service engine soon light” was on. There was so much smoke coming out it seemed like the car was on fire. After performing a diagnostic we found that two of the fuel injectors were stuck open. Instead of opening up and spraying a small amount of fuel into the engine they were wide open flooding the engine with gas. If you’ve ever tried using a salt shaker with a loose top, its a little like that. Driving the car any further would cause decreased fuel economy or “bad gas mileage” and could also cause damage to the catalytic converters. Luckily our customer brought the car right to us so we could fix it before causing any more damage.

Here’s some notes from our lead tech Jake about the diagnostic –
Multiple (13) faults stored in DME. Cleared all to begin diagnosis, misfire on cylinders 7 and 8 returned. These cylinders are components of bank 2. Bank 2 fuel rail pressure is less than half of what it should be. Dark grey smoke (unburnt fuel) and fuel odor can observed coming from exhaust. Cylinders 7 and 8 fuel injectors are leaking. Fuel injectors can only be replaced per bank. Bank 2 fuel injectors must be replaced and coded and diagnosis continued as this may not be the only issue.

Even though the car only has 36,000 miles its still 6 years old and over the last 6 years BMW has updated the design of the fuel injector so that hopefully it will last longer (even if it doesn’t this customer is still covered under our lifetime warranty). The downside of this updated design is you can’t just replace the two that are bad. They’ve all got to be matching and we had to replace all 8 fuel injectors.

After replacing the injectors the car ran smooth again, the “Service engine soon” light turned off, and there was no more “smoking from the exhaust”. The job is complete and our customer is happy knowing his injectors are all under warranty and he won’t have to pay for them again. He left here able to enjoy all 555 horse power once again!


Auto Diagnosis
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