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Shocktober – Shock & Strut Awareness Month!


For the month of October you will have the opportunity to buy 3 shocks and receive the 4th one from us during your next visit at Oceanside Motorsports.


Shocks and struts are responsible for dampening all of the inconsistencies in the road and bumps that you normally run over. If you did not have shocks on your car, you would bounce around down the road and it would make for a very uncomfortable ride. It’s usually obvious when they are blown or worn out.

Shocks are also very responsible for helping your car stop safely and faster. While applying the brakes with bad shocks, your car will skip over bumps on the road and seriously reduce their traction. On the contrary, good shocks absorb bumps and keep brakes and tires doing what they’re supposed to while coming to a stop. Bad shocks can also cause uneven tire wear which we call ‘cupping’. If the shocks are bad it can cause the tires to bounce up and down ‘skipping’ down the road. Over time, this skipping motion will cause some portions of the tires to wear down faster than the others, resulting in a lopsided tire that will make noise while driving down the road.


Well, it really just depends. On most BMWs we recommend replacing them between 75,000-100,000 miles, however, we have found that these shocks are typically well built and they can hold up beyond the suggested 75,000 mile interval. On some other models and makes we have seen an interval as early as 35,000 miles. Longevity of your shocks all comes down to how the suspension component was made originally and also can age faster or slower depending on what type of driving conditions you normally encounter.


No problem! As long as you ‘seal the deal’ and pay for the shocks during the month of October, we can install them at any later date for you! Lastly, plan on doing an alignment in order to get the most out of your suspension and tires.

Contact us today for a free inspection to find out if you are due for a smoother and safer ride!



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