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She’s a lady on the street….Kind of.

She cleans up nicely after some pretty intense maintenance to keep this beautiful M6 running at its peak.

The M6 utilizes a fantastic V10 engine that puts out a little over 500hp. This kind of power requires above average technicians to put their best into the service of this car. The S85 Uses 10 electronically controlled throttle body’s to flow air into this high strung engine. They rely on sensors, motors, and lubrication to operate and the second something doesn’t work properly the car triggers a “service engine soon” light and a “reduced power warning”. With these faults present it is typically not a good idea to drive the car very far and the car is put into a limp mode so that it an only drive at minimum speeds so it doesn’t damage any other items in the engine. This “limp mode” can be reset by pulling over and restarting the car but it is very important to have the issue checked out by a professional before worse things can happen. Luckily this M6 was brought to us in time and there were no other issues other than the throttle actuators and throttle hall effect sensors.

These BMW M6 and M5 models require very special maintenance that the non-M models do not require. They need shorter oil change intervals, routine rod bearing wear analysis and replacement if necessary, and positive thoughts of motivation to keep them operating at their finest. Our technicians and detailers pamper these cars during their service to be sure they are very happy campers when returned to their owners.

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