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Septemb’AIR Cabin Air Filter Special


What Does A Cabin Air Filter Do?

A cabin air filter is designed to keep the air that you breathe within your car nice and clean. It filters out allergens, mold, debris, pollutants, and bad odors. A cabin air filter is part of a car’s climate control system.  Therefore, whenever the windows are rolled up or if you are using the air conditioner, chances are that the majority of the air that you are breathing passes through the cabin air filter.

Septemb’AIR Special: For the month of September, we are highlighting cabin air filters; every customer that has a Cabin Air Filter Service performed will have the option to choose between 3 of our latest OMS SWAG items for free!

Why Is That Important?

If your cabin air filter is old or dirty, you are at higher risk of breathing in contaminates in the air. Things like dust, pollen, contaminates, and so much more exist within the air that we breathe every day.

How Often Do We Recommend Replacing Them?

We recommend replacing these filters every 15,000 miles or at the one-year mark! In order for a filter to work efficiently it is important to keep these filters fresh and relevant by changing them out every year. The area where you frequently drive in can result in a quicker need for replacement – things like dirt roads will only accelerate the need for replacing these filters. As we have learned in the last year and a half, clean air is very important. Think about how fast a face mask gets dirty, now imagine if that mask was left outside and strapped to the front of your car every day.

Symptoms of Bad Cabin Air Filter?

A few symptoms indicating it is time for a new cabin air filter would consist of weird or bad odors, weak airflow through vents, or excessive noises while the system is running. Most of these symptoms will be noticeable in extreme conditions that succeed the recommended service intervals.

What Is Special About Our Process?

When we replace a cabin air filter, we take a few extra steps to ensure that the surrounding areas (and air) are cleaner than before. Not only do we make sure to vacuum out any old dirt, leaves, or sediment, but we also spray one of our favorite detergents throughout the system so that it is all sanitized, fresh, and ready to go! So make an appointment today and breathe easier.

Don’t Forget Your Swag!

For the month of Septemb’AIR… every person that has us perform our Cabin Air Filter Service will receive one of our latest SWAG items at no additional cost!

We will have the 3 items on display in our front office, whichever item the customer chooses will be made to order and shipped directly to their home address following their appointment!

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