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We guarantee our brakes not to squeal, not to shake, dust less, and we’ve seen our pads last at least 20,000 miles longer than factory brakes.

What does it mean when your BMW needs brakes? We always start with a thorough inspection of the brake system to see what we’ll need to service. Sometimes when the brake warning light comes on the dash it means you need brakes but sometimes it’s wrong. We’ve seen brake sensors go bad causing this light to illuminate and sometimes it just comes on based on time and mileage. For these reasons we always recommend inspecting the system before spending any money on brakes.
Value – Speaking of spending money on brakes -We’ve seen our brakes last at least 20,000 miles longer than the factory pads so the money you spend on your brakes here goes alot farther than a factory or a cheap brake job. Imagine if you took your brake job to another shop that was cheaper using cheaper parts that only lasted 20,000 miles, You’d be stuck paying for an entire brake job again versus doing it right the first time and saving that money in the long run.
Guarantee – We warranty the pads against squealing for their entire life. We can’t have any of our customers driving around with squealing brakes so we’ll make sure they don’t! We guarantee the rotors against warping for their entire life – If the brakes ever start shaking or vibrating – you let us know, we’ll fix it. Brake dust – Our pads typically dust less than factory pads so your wheels won’t get dirty as fast. Durability – Brakes aren’t cheap so we make it so you don’t have to do them as often. We’ve seen some of our brake jobs last longer than 80,000 miles!

Legendary customer service and Legendary brake jobs since 2010 – OMS

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