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Mini Cooper Turbo Oil Feed Line Leak


Recently this Mini Cooper came to our auto repair shop with a concerning oil leak. After taking a look at the various areas containing oil leaks, one of the oil leaks on this Mini was found to have originated at the Turbo Oil Feed Line.

The Turbo Oil Feed Line transports oil from the base of the engine to the spinning Turbo and keeps everything cool and lubricated while you drive down the road. Over time, the fittings on the old and worn out turbo feed lines will go bad and begin to leak oil. It is essential to replace any leaking components such as these so that the leaking oil does not contaminate other components on the Mini and create further problems.

Replacing a leaking turbo oil feed line is unfortunately no easy task. This turbo feed line is tucked deep into the engine bay and sits right alongside the engine block itself. In order to replace it, many pieces of the car need to first be removed such as the bumper, headlights, turbo, and various other components.

Once the old turbo feed line is removed, it is a good idea to clean the contaminated areas before installing the new turbo feed line to ensure that we have an evenly sealed surface.

If you think that you have an oil leak on your MINI and that it might be coming from an area such as the Turbo, it is always a good idea to get a second opinion before proceeding with repairs. We perform free vehicle health inspections and most oil leaks can be found within that inspection. Also, most of our repairs like this are backed by a lifetime warranty, pay for it once and you’ll never have to pay for it again!

We specialize in MINI Service and if you are experiencing any problems with your Mini Cooper, we would be happy to help with any Mini Repair that you may need. Our MINI Service and repair shop is located in Oceanside, CA, 92058 and we specialize in brake service, oil changes, and many other automotive repairs.


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