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Index 12 injectors N54



Fuel injectors on each BMW are distinctive and vary from model to model. Your BMW's fuel injector  needs to be in good working order for it to perform to its full potential. Your car won't be able to achieve an accurate fuel-to-oxygen ratio without the injectors. BMW direct fuel injectors for the N54  application are a crucial replacement part especially when you are experiencing a hard time cold  starting the engine, misfires, or have excess oil and gas on the spark plugs. But do you really need  to replace it? To address potential failure points, BMW has repeatedly redesigned this fuel injector. The recent injector design is the BMW Fuel Injector (Index 12). Most of the BMW cars released from 2007 to 2014 including the BMW 335i (2007-2010), BMW 535i (2008-2010), BMW X6 (2008-2014), BMW 750i (2009-2012), BMW 750Li (2009-2012), and BMW Z4 (2009-2016) are compatible. The cost of replacing your fuel injectors will vary depending  on the make and model of your car. Fuel injector replacement typically ranges in price from $800 to  $5000, depending on the repairs and labor charges. Also, when installing new injectors, a calibration must be carried out since N54 fuel injectors have an index number which is critical to take note of  when it's time to replace a failed fuel injector. However, note that you don’t always need to replace  the fuel injector. 

As your trusted BMW specialists at Oceanside Motorsports, we may simply recommend a thorough cleaning of the fuel injection system.


When the engine starts up and during each subsequent revolution, the fuel injectors spray gasoline  onto the spark plugs and ignition coils, igniting them. However, when the engine is run hard and heated to high temperatures, the carbon that naturally accumulates inside the engine is usually  burned off. The carbon may become lodged inside the engine and the injectors when the engine  cools, blocking the system. A poor fuel spray pattern might also be brought on by clogged injectors. 


The N54 fuel injectors are positioned in such a way that, in the event of a leak, gas drips will end up  on the spark plugs. When the injectors leak excessively, the spark plugs become extremely wet, which makes it harder for the engine to ignite the spark plug and start the engine. As a result, the car  may have trouble starting and may malfunction while it is in the drive

Preventive maintenance can be a solution to avoid replacing these fuel injectors. These types of  maintenance to steer clear of fuel Injectors getting clogged include getting aftermarket oil catch  cans which are the best addition to your engine when it comes to reducing carbon buildup. You  could also have your N54 walnut blasted. All of the carbon gunk that has accumulated in your  engine is removed by walnut blasting. 

Here at Oceanside Motorsports, our very own BMW specialists interact with BMW owners daily.  Before you spend your money on these injectors, there are other more reasonable repairs that  Oceanside Motorsports may check for that may be causing an identical problem. There are other more affordable repairs that can cause a similar symptom that we can verify or rule out before  spending your money on the injectors. In repairing or replacing these N54 fuel injectors, Oceanside  Motorsports offers a lifetime warranty so once you pay for it once, you’ll never pay for it again. We  also ensure that our customers’ BMW will undergo a super thorough diagnostic process to ensure  you only spend money on the repairs that need to be done. For over 12 years, Oceanside Motorsports has been an Oceanside staple helping you get back on the  road faster than the dealer can. A full-service automotive repair shop in Oceanside, CA that  specializes in top-notch scheduled service and preventive maintenance. With our Time Saver  Service, we can get your car and deliver it to your doorstep once fixed. We can even help arrange  towing if needed. You can also have our free loaner car while your car is serviced! You'll get used to  expecting quick, simple, and dependable auto repairs from Oceanside Motorsports!


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