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How To Improve Gas Mileage

How can I get better gas mileage? Nowadays with crazy gas prices in Southern California, there are a few simple things that you can do to help improve your fuel efficiency while driving around town.

  1. Try a fuel system cleaner – we use some awesome products such as BG Fuel system cleaner that help clean out your dirty fuel system and restore efficiency. We add this fuel system cleaner to a tank of gas and let the car run through this cleaner. The system cleaner helps flush out the injectors and fuel lines of any buildup that has formed over time. This can be one of the cheaper and easier ways to clean out your fuel system and operate more efficiently.
  2. Direct Injection Carbon Valve cleaning -> checkout our Walnut Shell Blast process! (intake-valve-carbon-cleaning-walnut-shell-blasting) Cleaning the intake valves will remove the excessive carbon buildup that has formed over the years and thousands of miles in the past. By cleaning off these valves, we are allowing the engine to run smoother and cleaner which will not only improve gas mileage but also help with your engine’s overall performance.
  3. Tire pressure. Low tire pressure can result in excessive wear and an increase in friction on the road. This increased friction will add resistance which in turn translates into more work for your engine and worse fuel economy. We check tire pressure for free and if they need to be corrected, we’ll do that for free as well :).
  4. Does your car have a roof rack that isn’t being used? Remove it! Any increase in drag or factors that worsen your car’s aerodynamics will totally affect your MPGs. Removing an unused roof rack can be a great way to help your car become slightly more aerodynamic and efficient.
  5. Have your alignment checked! Similarly, to your tire pressure, an alignment can affect your car’s ability to drive down the road as efficiently as possible with as little drag and friction as possible.

The best part about all of that? We can take care of it all! We do free courtesy inspections, and several other things here to help improve your fuel economy. Contact us today!

While all these things will make a small improvement if executed individually, that can compound to a big overall difference in fuel economy and savings going back into your pockets.


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