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How much is an oil change for a BMW?

Most BMW’s should have their oil changed every 7,000 miles. The factory recommendation is usually for twice that mileage but from our findings that is far too long. We’ve inspected the internals of BMW engines with only 80k miles on them that have been following the factory oil change interval and found massive sludge build up causing issues with the valvetronic system and resulting in expensive repairs. Another cause for this is the inferior oil being used at the dealerships – Right now they’re using Pennzoil as their service oil. Last time I checked Pennzoil was for american cars and trucks, not these fancy European machines. We use premium European oils like Total and Motul which we’ve found to leave far less residue and gunk behind and perform far better than the cheaper oils used at the dealer. The cost for an oil service on most BMW’s can range between $99 and $190.

So how do we cut the oil change interval in half and still keep it affordable for you? Introducing our Lifetime Oil Service Club – For the cost of just 3 oil changes up front we’ll cover the oil service costs on your BMW for the rest of its life! Now that you’ll be performing the oil changes on time and with our premium oil products your engine should have no problem going far past 200,000 miles without major repairs or replacement. Most plans are just $495 and pay for themselves almost immediately.

Check out the details and fine print here –

Life Time Oil Service Club


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