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Headlamp Restoration Auto Detailing in Oceanside, CA 92058

Are your headlights cloudy or ugly? Unfortunately this is normal for vehicles that spend a lot of time outside in the sun. Most vehicles nowadays come with plastic lense covers that after years of sitting in the sun need a little help to keep them clear and good looking.

We perform an awesome headlamp restoration cleaning service that cleans off all of this build up and brings your headlamps back to their brand new condition. We guarantee this service with our lifetime warranty so if they ever get cloudy again – we perform the service again for you!

Cloudy headlamps can cause dim or weak light when you need to see what’s on the road. After performing our headlamp restoration your headlights work way better and produce more light on the road. Besides looking like new your headlights will actually be brighter at night!

Our headlamp restoration is just $150 with our lifetime warranty on the service.

Active Duty Military, Veterans, Firefighters, and Police get our $50 credit towards any detail service bringing the headlamp restoration to just $100

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