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Fluid services and why they are important

Oil service­­ – This is not just a drain and refill, this is our chance to go over the vehicle that has been on the road for the past six months. In that amount of time there are a lot of things that can arise without any warning at all. Identifying with the possible failures before they occur is much less costly and avoids surprises, for example, engine damage due to overheating, tow trucks and the inconvenience of having the vehicle control your day. On top off verifying your vehicle is safe to drive we service it with the best products available from the fully synthetic european engine oil and original equipment oil filter we install. The engine oil is one of the most important fluids in your vehicle which is why we put in the best oil. The Europeans have a much higher standard for oil than the states do which is why we use it. Not only does the oil eliminate a lot of consumption concerns we see, it also does not break down as fast providing better lubrication especially in those small passages and smaller tolerances that the european engines have. The best way to avoid the inconvenience of vehicle break down is to be proactive about the servicing of the vehicle. The oil service is recommended every five to seven thousand miles.

Transmission service­­ – “The fluid is LIFETIME and NEVER needs to be changed”, does this sound familiar? Unfortunately this is a marketing strategy and not the best for you or your vehicle. The automatic transmission houses an array of complex moving parts to provide energy from the engine to be transferred to the wheels so the vehicle will move. As a bi product of the operation the inner components wear and leave debris behind. Most of these particles are trapped in the filter, however, a very small amount will make it past and circulate through the system. these particles act like very fine sandpaper wearing out internal components as the fluid circulates.The transmission through operation becomes very hot and the fluid breaks down over time as a result. All of these combined can result in transmission performance concerns if left unserviced. To service the transmission we drain the fluid while observing the color and particle content, remove the fluid pan and filter, circulate a cleaner through the transmission cooler and lines to force all old fluid out until the cleaner is observed. We then circulate new fluid through the cooler and lines until only new fluid is observed and proceed with installation of a new filter and pan gasket, and then the fill the transmission and perform the bleed procedure. All adaptations are then reset and the initialization procedure is carried out as well as a final road test to be certain the transmission is performing exactly as designed. Performing this service will ensure all has been done to prevent transmission performance concerns and possibly replacement. For most of us the service is every five to six years or every fifty thousand miles, sure beats replacement right?

Differential service­ – The differential on your vehicle provides power to the wheels. There are internal gears and bearings that are responsible for this action to happen that are lubricated and cooled by the oil in the differential. As a byproduct of operation there is metal debris from the gears that becomes collected in the housing and circulated through the gears and bearings. There is no filter for this fluid, only a cavity to house and cool it. Through operation the unit becomes hot and as a result from heat and wear the fluid deteriorates. By performing the service the debris is removed and the new fluid can now lubricate and cool properly to allow for years of concern free operation. The differential service is recommended every fifty thousand miles.

Power steering fluid service­ – The power steering system consists of a hydraulic pump, high and low pressure hoses, and a box or a rack that connects to the steering wheel. The pump is responsible for the ease in which you can turn the wheel. The pump has internal metal components that wear out over time causing debris to circulate. There is a filter located in the reservoir which traps the debris that is recommend when the system is serviced to ensure adequate flow of the fluid to all of the components. The new fluid is then installed and the system is bled and tested for leaks and proper operation. We install premium hydraulic system fluid to ensure a better than factory feel and unparalleled reliability. The service is recommended every two years or every thirty thousand miles.

Brake fluid service­ – The brake fluid is directly responsible for the actuation of the brakes by a cylinder pressing against it forcing it into the brake calipers. The fluid over time inherently collects moisture due to its composition which is why the service is recommended. If the fluid is left unserviced the moisture in the system can rust the caliper pistons causing uneven brake wear and brake performance issues. When servicing we clean the master cylinder reservoir and cycle a gallon of brake fluid through the system to ensure the old fluid and particles are removed leaving only clean fluid behind. The service is recommended once every two years.

Cooling system fluid service­ – The coolant in the engine is responsible for keeping the engine from overheating due to normal operation. The coolant circulates by means of a pump through the engine block, cylinder head, radiator, heater core, pipes and hoses. The coolant due to heat breaks down causing corrosion to develop internally which can cause fluid leaks in seals as well as components like the radiator, heater core.. By performing a coolant fluid service the seals and components last longer due to the anti corrosion inhibitors that are present . We find a maintained cooling system has far less issues than a system that has not been maintained. Every time we service a cooling system a pressure test is performed to be certain no leaks are present which can compromise the integrity of the engine due to overheating. Only Genuine BMW coolant and distilled water are installed in the system to provide the maximum longevity for the system. The cooling system fluid service is recommended every three years.


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