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Does Your Car Have a Faulty Gas Cap?

Believe it or not, a faulty gas cap can sometimes be an overlooked, but it’s a crucial fix when it comes to your car and the way it is running. A gas cap is part of a car’s evaporative and emissions systems. If part of the system is failing (such as the gas cap) it can result in a number of things, such as poor fuel economy and rough running conditions. Read on if your car smells like fuel, your gas cap does not tighten properly, or the check engine light is on.

Signs of a Faulty Gas Cap

While it can sometimes be very tough to know if there are any issues with your gas cap, there are typically a few ways to identify potential problems.

Physically Damaged

Typically, a gas cap will click while being turned into position. However, if you are experiencing the issue of your gas cap not tightening properly, it may be physically damaged. Most gas caps are made out of plastic. When opening and closing the gas cap hundreds of times, this plastic can eventually break down and begin to decompose and crack. If your gas cap cracks or breaks, it can affect the way that the gas cap seals your gas tank.

Smells Like Fuel

Another issue that would hint of a faulty gas cap would be if there was a fuel smell coming from the vehicle. For reasons similar to the above, after a cap has failed there may be fuel vapors escaping from the cap that are then released into the air. If your car smells like gas it could be a serious issue that needs to be immediately addressed. Click here if you smell gas coming from your car: help-my-car-smells-like-gas

Check Engine Light

The third problem that you may be experiencing, due to a faulty gas cap, is your car’s check engine light coming on. You should have an experienced service technician diagnosis this issue. They can determine whether it is a faulty gas cap or another issue that needs to be addressed.

So, if you smell fuel coming from your car, your gas cap does not tighten properly, or you have a check engine light on in your vehicle there is a chance that you might have a faulty gas cap. If you have any suspicions about your gas cap, feel free to call us today for a courtesy inspection and free gas cap check-up!


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