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Diagnosis and why it is important

When your check engine light comes on, usually the first thought is “oh great, now what?” If the vehicle is still driving the same usually the light is ignored until it is necessary to have repaired, for example, a smog test needed for registration purposes which will be failed if the check engine light is on. Here at Oceanside Motorsports we offer a complimentary fault code scan of the engine control module. With this complimentary service we will be able to inform you of the faults stored and the recommended course of action. For most of the faults stored a diagnosis is recommended. I know what you are thinking, “you already scanned the light and received fault codes.” The faults stored are simply a general guide as to which system is being affected.

For example, fault p0301­cylinder number one misfire, this relates to incomplete combustion, usually accompanied by a rough running condition. There are many components that could be causing this problem. Do you replace the ignition coil, spark plug, fuel injector, valve train components, wire harness, or engine control module.? There are a lot of options ranging from $350.00 dollars to $2,500.00 dollars and up. This is why we perform the diagnosis, which is a series of tests to determine exactly which component has failed, afterall, the most expensive repair is the one you do not need. The diagnosis has now provided us with the information as to exactly what needs to be repairs to remedy the check engine light as well as provided the peace of mind, knowing only what was needed is being repaired.

The diagnostic tests we perform range from $90 to $180 dollars which provide us the time to perform the appropriate test needed to determine the cause of the fault stored. One the diagnosis is recommended the next questions usually follows,”Are the diagnostic repairs applied toward the repairs?” Unfortunately they are not applied and here is why. Just as an oil service or a brake pad replacement takes time to perform the service, so does the diagnosis. Duplicating your concern if not apparent, performing a visual interrogation of the systems affected, performing the test needed to determine exactly which component is causing the concern as well as verifying the repair takes a considerable amount of time as well as utilizing all of our most expensive resources, this is why the tests are separate. Some shops will hide the diagnostic charge into the repair costs, however, here at Oceanside Motorsports we like to show you exactly what you are investing in.

To gather all of the information needed to provide the best service possible we implement the use of the most cutting edge diagnostic and service equipment available. We house the exact same computers that are used at the BMW factories which communicate with the the servers in New Jersey and Germany to be certain the most up to date information and programming is being used and installed in your vehicle. Since we are an independent we can even take it further with the use of aftermarket diagnostic equipment which can provide pictures and animations of the affected systems to offer a very clear overview of how the diagnosis was determined as well as allowing us to perform tests other repair facilities can not, which even the dealerships. All of this together allows us to provide you the best service possible, afterall, that is why we are here.

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Auto Diagnosis
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