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Help: My Car Smells Like Gas

Help: My Car Smells Like Gas

This is a question that gets asked more often than you may think. Gasoline or sometimes referred to as Fuel, has a noticeable scent and should be obvious when present. If your car Smells Like Gas it could be for many reasons. Worn Out Hoses Most vehicles have a few rubber hoses that help lead fresh gas from your gas tank to the engine. These rubber hoses will wear down due to everyday elements and the constant flow of fuel through them. Over time these pieces of rubber will crack and break down, allowing fuel to leak out. Leaking Fuel can be found Underneath the Engine, Outside of the Car, or sometimes even Inside the Car. Faulty Parts If this is not the reason that your Car Smells Like Fuel, there are a few other things that could be causing the smell. Another problem that can lead to a fuel odor from your car can be a Faulty Part. Common failure can be from a Fuel Pressure Regulator, an Injector, or an O-Ring. In other cases, we have seen failure in things such as a Faulty Gas Cap ... read more


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