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Car Shakes While Braking?

Does your car shake when the brakes are applied? Does your car shake when you go down a hill and hit the brakes? If so, these are likely signs that your brakes are damaged and should be addressed immediately!

Common Shaking Causes

Car vibrating when you hit the brakes, could mean that you are experiencing warped brake rotors, or worn brake pads. When the brake rotors on your car become warped this creates an uneven surface for the brake pads to rub against when the brake pedal is applied. On each rotation, the uneven surface will translate to a slight shuddering feeling, and that can translate into the rest of the car if your steering wheel shakes while braking. Do I Need To Replace My Rotors?

A shaking feeling that your car makes can increase on a downhill because there will be an increase of pressure on the brakes. It is important to take note of the way that your car feels and sounds especially when there are new sounds happening while driving.

All Car Shaking Isn’t Created Equally!

If your car shakes or pulsates when you are not hitting the brakes, this could be a symptom of another problem such as a bad wheel bearing, driveshaft out of balance, and many more – in some cases we have even found cars to have bent or damaged wheels!

If your car shakes while braking, this could likely be a serious issue that should be repaired immediately. Before jumping to conclusions, our first recommendation is to find an Auto Repair Shop nearby for an inspection. The most expensive repair that you can do is one that you do not need; it is important that you find a Trustworthy Mechanic Nearby so that you can accurately repair your car the first time. We perform free brake inspections at our brake shop near Carlsbad, CA and we can find out why your car shakes when you hit the brakes!


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