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BMW N55 Engine Issues


Owning a BMW represents the height of elegance and performance for many drivers. In terms of things like performance, reliability, interior comfort, and technology, BMW has continually set and raised the bar. It has been one of the top European-made cars for decades. For years, they have been releasing models with newer engines and features to ensure the satisfaction of BMW enthusiasts. However, newer engines have more emerging issues, and the N55 is surely no different in this regard, especially after they are put under more stress than when they were first developed.

Here at Oceanside Motorsports, your trusted BMW specialists can offer maintenance services to keep your N55 at its peak performance.

The N55 engine was the first BMW engine to feature a dual scroll turbocharger and went into production for the first time in 2009. Even though N55 variants are still manufactured and used today, they started to disappear from BMW automobiles once the B58 engine was installed in several of their more recent models. Owners of BMW models 135i, 335i, or X6 xDrive 35i should know be familiarized by the common issues of N55 engine. With this in mind, they would be able to distinguish what is the cause of engine failure and how to prevent it.



N55 Bearing Failure

Several BMW drivers with N55 engines have reported engine breakdowns and problems with the engine's bearings. When this happens, you're frequently left with the prospect of a whole engine replacement and repairs costing more than $10,000 to address the problem and address any associated problems. This is caused by turning on your car and immediately beginning to accelerate hard, you run the risk of spinning engine bearings. The oil chains thicken and provide more protection when the oil heats up.

VANOS Solenoid Failure

Variable Camshaft Timing, or VANOS, is a valve timing technology utilized on the BMW N55 engine together with Valvetronic. The VANOS Solenoids frequently fail as a result of wear and tear or ageing because they are constantly in use. However, they might also get too dirty or "gunked up" and end up being covered in oil and cause issues. The bolts could come unstuck or break. When a bolt breaks, it usually falls into the engine oil pan, increasing the amount of time and money needed for repairs.

Valvetronic Oil Squirter Failure

The intake camshaft's variable lift is turned on by the Valvetronic system using a motor and worm gear. An oil squirter with a dainty appearance is located inside the cylinder head and is directed towards the worm gear to lubricate the joint between the gear and Valvetronic shaft. This squirter may become blocked by sludge or carbon, which will reduce oil flow and increase wear on the shaft and gear. whenever you have access to it, take it out and clean it. Additionally, to lessen the number of debris passing through the oil, replace your oil at 5,000 miles rather than the 10,000 that BMW recommends.


As recommended by Oceanside Motorsports, the most common N55 standard maintenance items are checking your oil and coolant fluids often, replacing faulty spark plugs and ignition coils, and getting the engine walnut blasted.

Checking your engine oil

In order to rapidly check the oil, most cars feature a dipstick in the engine area. Checking your oil is best done after your engine has been off for at least 10 minutes to allow the oil to cool and settle to the bottom. Best practice to do oil changes no later than 5000 miles. This is a very high-performance engine.

Replacing faulty spark plugs and ignition coils

Spark plugs may degrade if carbon accumulates, which may be caused by clogged fuel injectors or air filters, or if the ratio of fuel to air is too high. On the other hand, your vehicle may be misfiring or stalling, which is a sign that the ignition coil is defective. Rough idle, misfiring during acceleration, and a hard start are further indications.

Walnut Blasting or Intake Valve Cleaning

The intake tracts and valves of the BMW N55 engine can get nearly totally blocked with heavy carbon buildup over time. Walnut blasting your BMW N55 is essential if it has more than 30k miles on it because of the performance gap.

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