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Why does my BMW engine turn off when I stop?

Newer BMWs have an Auto Start/Stop function. This feature's main goal is fuel conservation. The engine shuts off automatically if you stop at a red light or are stuck in traffic. Meanwhile, the ignition and all other interior lights stay on. When you release the brake, the engine starts up automatically. The BMW engine automatically restarts within a span of one second. This how the auto start/stop function works.

The auto stop/start feature is a great way to help your BMW run more efficiently, but it can also cause some problems with the engine long term. We recommend disabling this feature when you have your car serviced at Oceanside Motorsports.

Are the BMW's auto start/stop functions beneficial to the vehicle?

Although it was a temporary solution to marginally improve the gas mileage numbers that they received, it was not ideal in practical terms. BMW models with Auto Start-Stop poses a risk of engine damage. Only because of advancements in areas like battery technology, bearing and oil technology, and vehicle control systems has stop-start been widely used. You see, forcing an engine to stop and then restart puts stress on its parts.

Some vehicle experts say auto start-stop adds to the chance of a dead battery. They believe the system may run parts of the engine that don't need to be running, which could drain the 12-volt battery.

Consider the additional damage to your starter and engine parts. Every time you stop, the engine turns off, the oil returns to the pan considering that this is especially unpleasant during a warm-up cycle, and the starter needs to fire up once more. You might experience many more stop/start cycles during a stop-and-go commute than just one.

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