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Intake Valve Carbon Cleaning | Walnut Shell Blasting

Intake Valve Carbon Cleaning | Walnut Shell Blasting

WHAT IS INTAKE VALVE CARBON CLEANING? Intake valve carbon cleaning is a suggested service for cars with direct injection. This would include all turbo charged and diesel cars. When we perform this service, we use materials that are safe and leave everything spotless. WHAT DO INTAKE VALVES DO? Put simply, they open and close, while your engine is running, to help regulate the correct amount of air/fuel that travels through the system. Over time, engines with direct injection leave carbon buildup in your intake valves. This carbon buildup turns into a black sludgy substance, which sticks to your intake valves and intake ports. Unfortunately, this introduces corrosion into many places, one of which is your intake valves. However, de-carboning your intake valve clears out these passageways, thereby allowing more air to flow through. This service can be an excellent way to regain some of your car’s lost performance. Addit ... read more


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