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3 Common Repairs

BMW repair in Oceanside, CA

Oceanside BMW Repair is a local leader in european auto repair and technology. With the latest diagnostic tools at our disposal and a total commitment to service, including a custom maintenance plan based on your driving style, the condition of the vehicle, and factory recommendations, we’ll honestly evaluate and address the needs of your vehicle.

Our shop commonly sees vehicles with the same problems and customers with the same questions. Here we will provide a platform for addressing three repairs that a driver should anticipate, suggesting how to make basic evaluations based on clear indicators. That being said, we intimately understand BMW and all major european systems and you should not troubleshoot or undertake any repairs if you don’t understand all requirements before starting a project.

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Wheel Alignment

We recommend you bring in your european automobile every 10,000 miles for an alignment inspection. Your vehicle’s owners manual may suggest you do it even more often.

We want to make sure you get the most mileage possible out of your tires. Did you know: driving a vehicle for 12,000 miles on misaligned tires to just a fraction of a degree is like dragging them sideways for 68 miles?! If you notice a pull or “drift” in the steering wheel your tires are wearing unevenly, and inside wear might not be easily visible without removing the tire. Moreover, driving on bald tires or tires with exposed wire mesh poses a serious risk to your passengers.

Oil Leaks

Do not ignore an oil leak. It could indicate serious engine trouble, or it might just be an easy fix, but diagnosis is key. This is especially prescient for european autos. Many european-manufactured cars, including BMWs, have a closed oil lubricating system, so your oil shouldn’t be going anywhere. If oil levels are low there is good possibility of a leak. Leaks can become excessive, and can ultimately contribute to low engine pressure. Letting this go on for too long might necessitate an engine-out repair.

That being said, we can usually find an affordable solution to the problem. It’s rarely all or nothing.

Engine Knocks

Again, early diagnosis is paramount. Modern engines, including BMW’s,  with hydraulic lifters, tight tolerance bearings and miniature oil filters require constant monitoring as new engines. Audible noise, or knocks from your engine, could be caused by any number of faults. If we can determine what it is and how important the fix, we also can judge how safely it would be to continue driving on it. Ignoring these warnings could lead to an even louder rapping noise coming from the rod bearings. This might result in sudden engine failure resulting in a costly repair or even a trip to the junkyard.

When money’s tight, sacrifices just have to be made. So, what goes first? It’s usually the things that seem to have the smallest impact. With gas prices on the rise, it’s common to think about your car only in terms of the hole it’s burning in your pocket at the tank.

But if that means skimping on basic inspections, you could be putting yourself at a greater risk. At Oceanside BMW Repair, we’re concerned about protecting your biggest investment: you and your family’s safety. That’s why we recommend regular service and maintenance to protect you from costly auto repairs in the future, and a safer driving situation today. Call us at (760) 721-5500 to discuss your vehicle’s next check-up. We want to work with you, even if it means a temporary solution to hold you over.

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