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Axle Repair in Oceanside, CA

What Does An Axle Do?

Your vehicle’s axles are vital to keeping you safe on the road. An axle is responsible for taking the power from the engine, transmission, and differential and then giving that power to your wheels.

Different types of Axles?

There are different types of axles that vary depending on the type of vehicle that you drive. Vehicles with front-wheel drive, four wheel drive, all-wheel drive, and rear-wheel drive all have varying styles of axle systems that all work in similar fashion. Most of them look different, however, we are prepared to handle them all here at our Axle Repair Shop in Oceanside, CA, 92058.

Do I Have a Bad Axle? - symptoms

A few symptoms of a bad axle on your car could consist of oil leaking from the joints, Torn Axle Boots, a clunking feeling when accelerating or stopping, and other various unsettling noises and feelings throughout the steering, braking, or acceleration of your vehicle. When it comes to an axle inspection, we are your source for professional and knowledgeable service. We check the axles on your car during every free vehicle health inspection that we do and you'll get to see everything that our technician sees in their inspection.

If you are unsure about the condition of your axles give our Oceanside location a call! After we’re through, you’ll be back, safely on the road, in no time!

How To Replace an Axle?

The process of replacing a bad axle will vary depending on the vehicle you are working with. If you are unsure, the best thing that we can recommend is to contact a Trustworthy Mechanic Nearby for a second opinion or for help with replacing a broken axle. 

Axle Repair in Oceanside, CA | Oceanside Motorsports

This is an axle! We are working on a video to help better explain Axles and Axle Repair but for now, we hope this helps! As a reference, this is off of a BMW E46 with Rear-Wheel-Drive. This car has two axles on each side connecting the rear differential to the rear wheels.



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