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The Engine Control Module (ECM) is a critical part of the monitoring system on your Audi. This interior mechanism watches the timing and gasoline mixture frequently and is constantly performing a “tune-up” to make sure of peak efficiency.

In the past, carbureted engines routinely needed their idle mixture and speed capacity tweaked. Often, the choke operation necessitated adjusting or the accelerator pump needed adjusting. Without an ECM, older automobiles require a “tune-up” every 15,000 miles. Modern engines, although, do not.

What’s replaced “tune-up” service, namely for foreign and luxury vehicles, is a maintenance plan.

A maintenance plan checks parts that can’t easily be monitored, such as spark plugs, air filters and belts. Our top priority, should you bring your car in for scheduled maintenance in Oceanside, will be to check the aforesaid parts for wear and tear and meet various other specifications as stipulated by your Audi service program.

In any case, presenting your questions to our staff prior to the service is critical. This way we can prevent needless labor and constantly satisfy or surpass your anticipations.

Audi Service in Oceanside

We encourage a regular oil change, fluid top-offs and tire rotation at the time of maintenance. Of course, they are just suggestions, and we don’t assume any work without having explicitly explained it first. If your finances of concern, we will never push additional services. Our factory scheduled maintenance services are informed by suggestions made by your vehicle’s individual make, model and year. We may make inquiries relating to your driving style, to diagnose which schedule we should comply with. Audi also partners with vendors which it recommends for oil, gasoline, and diesel fuel, and approved engine oils.

Audi Care Plan Oceanside

There are currently two Audi Care packages available for purchase: the Audi Care Plan and Audi Care Plus. New, used and certified pre-owned makes from 2008 or newer are all eligible for the Audi Care Plan. Under the Audi Care Plan four regularly scheduled maintenance services, which must be completed within 5 years of the original in-service date, should occur at 15,000 miles, 25,000, 35,000 and 45,000

All MY 2007 and newer vehicles  with more than 40,000 miles are eligible for the Audi Care Plus plan, to be performed yearly or at 55,000 miles, 65,000 miles, and 75,000 miles.
Please visit the Audi Maintenance page for service plans particular to your vehicle.

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