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Alternator Repair in Oceanside, CA

The Alternator on your car is responsible for recharging the car’s battery while you drive down the road. A properly operating Alternator will continue to replenish a car’s battery while it is running and allows a vehicle’s computer, battery, and electrical components to all communicate properly.


Symptoms of Failing Alternator?

The most common symptoms of a failing alternator would consist of; car not starting, engine stalling, and various electrical issues. We have heard stories of customers having their car die while at a stop light or a feeling of “My car shut down while driving’. Essentially, when your alternator goes out, there will eventually be no power leftover to replenish the car’s electrical system while you drive.


How To Tell If My Alternator is Failing?

Try this quick test! Start your vehicle and make sure that all of your vehicle’s accessories are switched to the OFF position (headlights, radio, cigarette lighter, air conditioning), and take note of the way that the car is running. Now, turn on your vehicle’s accessories (lights, radio, AC, etc.) and take note. Were there any changes in vehicle performance? Any surges? Did the car die? If so, you may be experiencing some alternator-related problems.


Your car relies on its alternator to ensure that all of these electrical components work properly. When you switch them ON, each accessory pulls power from the vehicle’s battery and alternator. Therefore, if you are requiring more power to run these accessories, that could mean that your alternator is failing to provide ample power to all of your car’s needs when they are switched ON.


If you have any suspicion that your alternator may be failing, we would highly recommend getting it inspected before it leaves you stranded on the side of the road. Typically, an alternator should last well over 100,000 miles and if your alternator is broken or is on its way out, this could leave you stranded at any given moment while on the road. 


What Do I Do If My Alternator Fails?

If you are near Oceanside California, we can help! Give us a call today and we can assist you and test your vehicle’s charging and electrical systems. Additionally, many local auto parts stores such as Autozone, O'reilly, and NAPA, will offer to test your vehicle’s battery and alternator to see if they are failing.


Before jumping to conclusions and assuming that the alternator on your car is failing, we would recommend contacting a professional auto repair shop nearby for a test before you start spending money on parts! Sometimes these issues or symptoms could be originating from another different area of the vehicle but still produce a similar problem.


Contact us today to receive an Alternator Repair Nearby in Oceanside California, 92058!




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