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Welcome, and thanks for looking around the site! I’m Neil Daly, proud owner of Oceanside Motorsports. Our shop is a technician’s shop– I made expertise and excellence the backbone of our business in 2010 when we first opened shop and I still hold those same core values today. Has it worked? I think so. If you measure success in the every-day, the familiar faces, the smiles and satisfaction from new friends coming from all over North County, then without a doubt. From start to finish, diagnosis to drop-off, your total satisfaction is my business. Thanks for keeping us going!

Neil Daly
– Owner

Meet the Team


Neil enjoys racing cars and skydiving for fun. He’s got 2 young kids and a super amazing better half that puts up with camping at the race track every other weekend. His dream car is a McLaren F1 but in the meantime he drives BMW E30’s.


As our lead tech we expect a lot from him and he’s exceeded our expectations! He can “do things” in the kitchen and makes the best ranch dressing you’ve ever tasted. For fun he reads BMW repair manuals and plans to race in the Gambler 500 this year.


Arturo is your wonder mechanic! From heavy line engine replacements to very sensitive custom door panel installations he’s got it covered and has an insane amount of pride in his work. He enjoys driving his BMW convertible on the weekends and spending time with his kids.


Is from West Virginia.


Johnny has worked with us for over 8 years and is extremely dedicated to our company. He’s a dedicated Father and Husband and takes the family to Disney Land every other week. For fun he collects classic Nintendo games and dreams of a BMW that doesn’t ever leak any oil

Christian “McFlurrie”

Christian is our “Parts Guy” He is really good at all parts related activities, enjoys working on and driving cars, and has a passion for Japanese classic cars. His Dream car is an LS swapped S14 (which means an old Nissan with an American V8 in it)


Megan is the newest addition to our team! She’s caught on very quick and is an excellent Service Advisor already. She’s an excellent cook, especially italian food and is a self proclaimed music snob! She likes to go to cycling classes and ride around the beach city she lives in. One day she hopes to own a Dakar Yellow E30 M3


Melinda keeps the books and the team in line. She’s “Team Mom” and HR all in one. She is a Mom of 4 and Grandma of 6 and enjoys drawing and painting in her free time. She’s the proud owner of a Genuine Buddy 125 Scooter and her dream car is an Infinity G35

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