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  • Oceanside Brakes

    We guarantee our brakes not to squeal, not to shake, dust less, and we’ve seen our pads last at least 20,000 miles longer than factory brakes. What does it mean when your BMW needs brakes? We always start with a thorough inspection of the brake system to see what we’ll need to service. Sometimes when

  • BMW Transmission Fluid Change Interval

    We’ve found that by performing a transmission service on your BMW, Audi, or Mercedes at 50,000 miles we can prevent expensive transmission failures in the future. Our customers that perform this service on time rarely ever have an issue or have to replace a transmission. If the fluid service is not performed, the transmission may

  • How to Increase Shop Efficiency

    At Oceanside Motorsports we’ve introduced the use of hoverboards to increase efficiency in our shop. We use this new technology to transport our quality employees safely and quickly around the shop. They are used to push cars when needed and make cleaning the shop more efficient. OMS raising the bar in the automotive industry once

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