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Mini Cooper Oil Change

9 out of 10 MINIs that we work on at OMS come in with no oil on the dipstick. They can actually burn as much as 1 quart per 1,000 miles, meaning you could run out of oil 2,000 miles before you even come in for an oil change. All MINIs burn oil quickly and need to be checked more regularly than other cars. Excessively low oil can lead to your timing chain tensioner losing tension and your car jumping timing, resulting in serious internal engine damage. We actually recommend bringing your MINI in every 3,000 miles so we can make sure your oil level is right where it needs to be to ensure your car stays running strong. Bring your MINI in today so we can check your oil and top you off if you’re riding a little low! #oilconsumption #mini #lowoil

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