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It’s camping season year round for this couple of VW Eurovan Camper Vans.

It’s camping season year round for this couple of VW Eurovan Camper Vans.

The one on the right is the real deal, full on, camp for weeks at a time – camper. It’s got a pop up master bedroom, full size kitchen (kind of), and anything else you’ll need for a few weeks on the road with the family. Scott B. Takes excellent care of his Eurovan and treats it like his second home. “I can justify the maintenance because this van is my second home and we spend 3 months out of the year living out of it” Scott says after approving us to do some pretty major needed maintenance on the van. We fixed all of the oil leaks, the steering system, and any other needed components to be sure he and the family wouldn’t have any unplanned extended stays due to a broken down van. Good job with the maintenance Scott and happy camping!

The van to the left is the simpler lighter weekend trip camper. It’s nimble enough to drive everyday if needed and equipped enough for a weekend outing to the beach. There’s no kitchen or master bedroom but it’s still got a full size bed and enough to fully enjoy the outdoors in a simpler fashion.

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