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    Our long time customer Carl brings his 2007 BMW 328i in because it’s “service engine soon light” is on and the “car is shaking when accelerating”. We welcome Carl in, explain our diagnostic process, and get him in our loaner car so he can get to work. By lunchtime we’ve figured out what is causing

  • It’s camping season year round for this couple of VW Eurovan Camper Vans.

    It’s camping season year round for this couple of VW Eurovan Camper Vans.

    The one on the right is the real deal, full on, camp for weeks at a time – camper. It’s got a pop up master bedroom, full size kitchen (kind of), and anything else you’ll need for a few weeks on the road with the family. Scott B. Takes excellent care of his Eurovan and

  • Bang for your Buck

    Bang for your Buck

    Mike D needed some maintenance fixing the oil leaks on his 2004 330i. Mikes 330i is typically used for racing with the BMW club at auto-x and HPDE track events so why wouldn’t we take advantage of this opportunity to install some upgrades while we were fixing the oil leaks? First step – we need

  • She’s a lady on the street….Kind of.

    She’s a lady on the street….Kind of.

    She cleans up nicely after some pretty intense maintenance to keep this beautiful M6 running at its peak. The M6 utilizes a fantastic V10 engine that puts out a little over 500hp. This kind of power requires above average technicians to put their best into the service of this car. The S85 Uses 10 electronically

  • Mini Cooper Oil Change

    Mini Cooper Oil Change

    9 out of 10 MINIs that we work on at OMS come in with no oil on the dipstick. They can actually burn as much as 1 quart per 1,000 miles, meaning you could run out of oil 2,000 miles before you even come in for an oil change. All MINIs burn oil quickly and

  • Valve Stem Seals

    It may be a rainy day today, but these valve stem seals sure aren’t leaking a single drop after a fresh replacement from our master tech Jake. He killed this job and this engine hasn’t been healthier since it left the factory, with fresh valve cover, valley pan, intake manifold, and timing chain gaskets, transmission,

  • E60 Won’t Pass Smog?

    E60 Won’t Pass Smog?

    Just a routine oil change on an 06 5 series. Psych! We actually had to pull the engine on this car to replace the *valve stem seals*. The valve seals that originally came with these V8 engines were later updated with a better designed seal, which is what we’re currently putting in this motor. The

  • Driving in the Rain

    Driving in the Rain

    While the rain might make it more fun to slide around turns when you’re trying to show off to your friends, when you’re driving on the highway and lose control because of bad tires, it’s slightly less fun. Driving in the rain on bald or badly worn tires can cause you to hydroplane or lose

  • Merry Christmas from OMS!

    Merry Christmas from OMS!

    All of us here at OMS are wishing our family, friends, and customers the best Christmas of your lives! We hope your weekend is full of great people, great food, and great memories. We’ll be back at the shop on Tuesday, ready to make all your automotive dreams come true! #christmas #longweekend #happyholidays

  • Smoking from the Exhaust

    Smoking from the Exhaust

    The 2010 BMW X6 M is a fantastic SAV that came with over 550 HP. Although they can be reliable they do tend to have a few maintenance concerns that are, like most “M” cars, a little bit more expensive than others. This X6 came in “smoking from the exhaust” and the “Service engine soon

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